You can be a pilot in training even before your first flight.

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Before you start flying, start studying and we’ll help with the rest. AV8Prep has all the resources you need to start soaring.

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How to Become a Pilot

Wondering how to start pilot lessons? Two things are required: take ground school and go fly. You can do step one right now with AV8Prep and we’ll help you with step two. 

Nothing gets closer than starting from home with AV8Prep online ground school. We offer a comprehensive selection of course modules and video lessons. Pilots in training often save hundreds to thousands of dollars in costly flight time in the air by better preparing first with ground school. Sign up today for AV8Prep ground school and we’ll help with the rest!

It’s simple and AV8Prep can help. You need to study for and pass a written exam and take flying lessons to pass a checkride in the airplane. There is no requirement to start training, you can sign up for our course today!

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) requires you to pass two tests. The first is a written exam, which you can take after studying with AV8Prep. The second is a test in the airplane, which you’ll do after you take flying lessons.

The costs vary and each flight school is different. We all know gas isn’t cheap either. But for about the cost of one flying lesson you can sign up and start studying to become a pilot today with AV8Prep. You don’t even have to drive to the airport!

This can vary, some people get their license in about 6 months, some 12 months. But with about 30 days or less of studying you can knock out one of the two major requirements to become a pilot!

Like any big decision, picking a flight school can be complex, but with AV8Prep it’s simple. Sign up for our best-in-class ground school and we’ll help find the perfect flight school for you!

Unlike other online pilot classes, AV8Prep has easy to watch, 3-5 minute videos and interactive content. We don’t want you staring at the same person for hours and hours either, so you’ll stay engaged with our team of highly experienced instructors. Sign up today to start your flight training with us.

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